Fundraising Programs

Need to raise funds for your non profit? Animal shelter, baseball team, marching band, food pantry, etc. We have two easy ways for your group to raise money.


Option #1 - Online Fundraiser

No upfront costs! Minimal work! How does it work? All you have to do is advertise the fundraiser on social media and/or flyers encouraging your supporters to visit our website and make a purchase using your groups fundraiser code at checkout. We process payments and ship all products directly to your supporters. When the fundraiser is over we will send you a check for 20% of the sales generated using your code. Easy peasy!


Option #2 - Custom Decal Sale

We can create custom decals for your organization and sell them to you in bulk for a substantial discount. This allows you to sell the decals at various events, online, etc. for a mark up of at least 50%.


Ready to get started?

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